A Makeup Artist made avery good point today when talking about how and what we use in our kit… So I would like to pass on the great tip to others like myself, ┬áthose who just love makeup, and even those that just wear makeup for special occasions…


HD Makeup compared to Regular Makeup products

-HD Makeup was created for movies and TV because since the digital age went microdot specific, the cameras could see more than the naked eye… When using HD powders on photo shoots, red carpet, and etc… you will see white patches all over the face most of the time because they contain mica which reflects flash…


So at the end of the day you really don’t need the HD makeup products unless you are shooting an HD movie/Big screen… Not saying that the HD makeup is horrible for every day its all about how you apply it… So learn the techniques, get great brushes, and just have fun with your makeup!


Thank You to Sian Richards for this great tip/info!!!


Until Next Time My Luvs

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