Krystal’s Bio

bioKrystal’s Turner is a makeup artist with an opinion! Her passion is helping to make people Look & Feel Beautiful. Known in the Make Up World as Krystal’s Kiss, she is fancy with the brush But she also has a voice, which means she has a lot to say….

Hola!!! I’m Krystal Turner…? writing in third person is so uncomfortable for me, I feel like I’m bragging about myself and who cares to hear someone do that, not me!? I’m a wife, mother, friend, makeup artist, speaker, therapist, doctor, you name it… that’s me, well in my own head it is. Lol! A woman is the lifeline to her family, we wear many hats to make everything stay afloat. I came about doing this blog because I have ADHD , which means I have a lot going on in my mind and I needed some where to channel it all. I discuss all types of topics on my blog as well as giving some of my own tips and trades to applying makeup… So at the end of the day I’m just a Makeup Artist with a Blog! ?